Loyalty, Protection, & Sun
Alias: The Day Lord
Holy Symbol: Clenched gauntlet (right hand) in front of a sun burst
Favored Weapon: Mace

Bringer of daylight, warmth, and truth: Trom, The Day Lord, is the “good guy” of the Powers. He represents loyalty and protection at their most base meaning and is often seen as the Power that resides over the suns of Xadune; thus often envisioned as the Power that brings each passing day.

Priests: Trom priests serve as advisers in many situations and are regularly the “go-to guys” for almost any issue.

Followers: Your typical Trom followers are law abiding citizens and generally feverously loyal to the cause and/or country.

Temples/Churches: Churches are normally large, clean, well lit, and open to anyone. When it comes to the hard numbers, Trom is openly the most generally worshiped Power, with his priests being almost the most called upon for general advice, wedding ceremonies, and the like.