This island was formed by excessive volcanic explosions and has been here for countless years since the cataclysm. In fact, the entire island is a chain of volcanoes. The largest one is in the center and there are about 10 that surround it on the island. The beaches and land are black from all of the molten rock and what little vegetation grows is unique in its own fashion. Almost every volcano on the isle is active and there is a constant flow of lava underground. The largest Volcano is Mt. Inferna. Many people will stay away from Inferna Isle, not only because of the active Volcanoes but because the Greks, an indigenous race that inhabit the isle, enjoy capturing people and enslaving them. Another reason people do not often come onto the island is because of the fire- blossoms. 169 Fire-blossoms are beautiful red flowers that lure victims over with their exuberant colors and then they spit a ball of fiery magma onto their victims, melting the flesh straight off. Even though many stay away from the island, there are many who venture in to hunt the native fire bison whose meat is one of the most tender and finest of all meats on Xadune, and lords and ladies of all races will pay unbelievable amounts of units to have a slab of it on their plate.