Mirth is the homeland of the felines. Maybe the most offsetting custom that one will find on the isle is the large amount of celebrations and holidays. Most also note that Mirth is amongst the most “laid back” nation on Xadune outside of the Halflings ways.


Mirth used to be a small continent with year-round temperate weather, wild with floral over growth, pure magic and an abundance of goods. Over the years, with the temperature changes, the ice from northern Pha had melted causing the water levels to slowly bury the continent leaving several islands behind. Over time the island’s growth brought new and unique floral vegetation, species and goods. This island does have seasons, but only two (being winter and summer), and celebrates both with its own holiday thanks to the celebrative feline Manx culture. Although this is the biggest island of the chain that was left behind, the magic still thrives within each separate island; whether it has diluted over the years or not is debatable. Any visitor of this island will tell you that they consider it paradise and often wonder why they hadn’t come sooner. Even still, the island has some sort of magic to it, as it draws in all sorts of people. Many different mages and tinkerers have tried to figure out the power of the island or if there is even some sort of power to it. They too have gotten lost in the beat of Mirth and have not been able to finish their studies.

The people of this land are very wise and laid back. They know the ins and outs of their society and seem to know the workings of people better than most. Mirth is a place in which they mainly thrive on their knowledge of survival skills and lores. Many farmers work to the southwest, hunting is predominant in the west, market trade is big in central Mirth, and fishing is popular in the east. This is considered a free island; no one is discriminated against here and all are welcome.


In terms of science and technology, Mirth is very backwater. All that they have is from other nations or people. People of Mirth so far show no interest in making technological improvement of their own.


While on Mirth, the laws of the Felines are the laws of the land. All laws are openly posted for visitors to see. Most visitors to the isle are deported upon breaking the law and left in the hands of their mother country’s law system. Felonies being the only exception, which are the norm for most of the planet.